3 reasons why you need a chargebox

It is becoming more and more common: battery fires. This is related to the crucial role that Lithium-Ion batteries play in our society. These batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their high energy density, long lifespan and low weight. Lithium-Ion batteries are now found in almost all electronic devices. This includes laptops and telephones, but also means of transport such as e-bikes and electric cars. Don’t take risks? Then charging a battery in a fireproof cabinet is a good solution! Learn more about the benefits it brings.

Fire prevention

One of the most important advantages is that our fireproof cabinets are specially designed to quickly detect and control fires. If a problem unexpectedly occurs while charging the battery, the cabinet slows the spread of the fire and prevents it from spreading to the surrounding area.

Organization and storage

The fireproof cabinets provide an organized and safe space to charge and store your batteries. This helps keep the batteries organized and protected, which can extend the life of the batteries and reduce the risk of damage.

Observe safety regulations

Using a fireproof cabinet can help ensure compliance with safety regulations applicable to battery charging and storage, especially in industrial and commercial environments. It can support legal requirements and regulations regarding fire safety.

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