Guideline concept PGS 37-2 published: time to implement

The current energy transition requires new regulations for our own safety. PGS 37-2 relates to the safety of lithium-containing energy carriers and is aimed at their correct storage. With a view to careful and responsible design and implementation of storage, these new regulations have been developed by an expert team. The document is now ready for use in practice.

Who is the guideline useful for?

– Companies that distribute and store lithium-containing energy carriers
– Companies that assemble and install lithium-containing energy carriers
– Professional users of lithium-containing energy carriers
– Engineering and consultancy firms
– Municipalities and environmental services that monitor storage
– The fire brigade that provides advice on how to safely store lithium-containing energy carriers

Source: Guideline for PGS 37-2 ‘Lithium-containing energy carriers: storage’ has been published and can be applied. (n.d.).

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