About KMA Group BV

KMA Group creates products that provide the best protection for people, goods and environments. These range from fireproof doors for aviation, to bags for night vision devices for Defense. What all the products we make have in common is that they provide optimal protection in all conditions. That is our passion and that is our specialty. We have been doing this since 1866. 


Why choose KMA Group BV?

What do we do?

We see it as our mission to contribute to a safe environment for every product. Our activities in the field of fire safety originated with the development of a specific fire extinguishing agent for lithium batteries, but we have since grown into a specialist in fire safety.
Thanks to our design thinking philosophy, we are able to produce fire-safe solutions ourselves. These are extensively tested to ensure quality. This is how we always provide the best fire-safe solutions.

In addition, we offer every solution for textiles. We do this by providing tailor-made solutions for your specific situation. Whether it concerns an insulating cover for refrigerated food or a tent with specific features such as ballistic protection. We develop and produce tailor-made textile solutions.


Because quality is a high priority at the KMA Group, ISO certification has become a matter of course for us.

ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard for quality management. This ISO standard guarantees that the KMA Group is able to meet the requirements of customers, the applicable laws and regulations and the standards that the organization has imposed on itself. Together, the requirements form the basis for the establishment and implementation of a quality management system.

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KMA Group has been creating the best protection products for people, goods and environments since 1866. We offer both product development and production coordination for larger quantities. All our products have one thing in common: they provide optimum protection in all circumstances. To this end, innovation is central to us and we continuously use the latest materials and production techniques. Of course all according to the highest quality standards, including ISO certification.