Publication of final versions PGS 37-1, PGS 37-2 and PGS 38

The final versions of PGS 37-1, PGS 37-2 and PGS 38 were published today on These PGS guidelines have been established by the Administrative Environmental Council. After the PGS steering group approved PGS 37-1, PGS 37-2 and PGS 38 earlier this year, the final drafts had already been published. These final versions are substantively the same as the final drafts that were informed at the beginning of November.

What are these PGS guidelines for?

PGS 37-1: Lithium-containing energy carriers: energy storage systems (EOS)

PGS 37-2: Lithium-containing energy carriers: storage

PGS 38: Multi-energy stations, delivery of a combination of energy carriers to vehicles and equipment

Source: Publicatie definitieve versies PGS 37-1, PGS 37-2 en PGS 38. (z.d.).
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