KMA Group launches LI-ION Safe line

It is literally a hot topic and increasingly important: fire safety. Whether it concerns fire safety in your home or at your workplace, both deserve the necessary attention. The energy transition, and the associated increase in the use of lithium-ion batteries, entail new risks in this area. By tackling the safety risks of the energy transition with the LI-ION Safe products, KMA Group wants to stimulate the energy transition.

Nieuwe LI-ION Safe producten

KMA Group presents new products

What is LI-ION Safe?
The LI-ION Safe line is specially designed for fire safety with regard to lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are now in almost all electronic devices, from telephones to e-bikes. Although generally safe, they can still spontaneously ignite or even explode. With LI-ION Safe products you limit the risks as much as possible. That way you are safe!

The products
With no fewer than 8 new products, LI-ION Safe puts fire safety first. With the Phone Safe and Tablet Safe you can safely and carefree charge your phone or tablet in the fireproof cover, made of KMA’s E-Powershield material. With the E-bike Safe you can charge a larger battery, for example an e-bike. This box has a temperature resistance of no less than 1200ºC+.
Having a good extinguishing kit is a must if a lithium battery ignites. With the LI-ION Safe Extinguishing Kit Medium or XL you take the right safety measure. A lithium battery fire cannot be extinguished with an ordinary extinguisher! Read more about the risks of lithium batteries here.
The LI-ION Safe fire blankets should also be part of this product range. These fire blankets prevent the fire from spreading to the surrounding area. Ordinary fire blankets cannot withstand the extremely high temperatures of battery fires, so go for the Medium, XL or EV. The material of these fire blankets is Hi-Tech Silica. All LI-ION Safe products have been tested in practice.

Who is LI-ION Safe for?
LI-ION Safe is for both professional organizations and individuals. The products of this line respond to the use of electronic devices. For example, the Phone Safe and Tablet Safe have been specially developed for the risks associated with charging telephones and tablets, and the E-bike Safe comes in handy in the basement of an apartment complex that is full of mobility scooters, a school with e-bikes. bikes, a hotel where many cyclists stay or a restaurant with delivery scooters. Limiting the risks is all possible with LI-ION Safe in a safe and user-friendly way!

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