Suppression kit

Virtually no one goes on a trip without a cell phone anymore, and often other electronic devices are brought along as well. A traveler in an airplane carries on average 2.5 electronic devices that contain Lithium-Ion batteries. Although lithium batteries are generally very safe, incidents cannot be ruled out with, potentially, very serious consequences. 

A lithium battery fire involves very high temperatures, bright flames and a lot of smoke. Moreover, such a battery fire cannot be extinguished with regular extinguishers. Not something you want in an enclosed space at an altitude of 10 kilometers.  

To quickly and safely combat incidents involving batteries in confined spaces, KMA has developed a Lithium Battery Suppression Kit. With this kit, the fire is quickly extinguished after which the device is safely stored with the heat-resistant gloves. Should the battery still reignite, the non-combustible bag prevents damage to the environment. Passengers are allowed to carry unregistered batteries up to 160Wh in an aircraft and the kit has been tested with 100% charged (unfired) batteries over 400Wh. The KMA extinguisher kit is the solution for use and storage of electronic devices in confined spaces. Developed for aviation, but also suitable for the maritime sector, subways and many more applications.