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KMA Industrial textiles

KMA is your specialized manufacturer for all types of technical textiles. Founded in 1868, KMA is knowledgeable and experienced with the manufacturing of specialist technical textiles products, such as bags, pouches and covers. The common denominator is durability and innovation as required by the customer. KMA develops and manufactures your components, parts and products and repairs and overhauls existing products.

The KMA Vision

Our approach is innovation-driven. Together with our customers we design and manufacture the best textile solutions for your specific circumstances.  KMA provides the products and services within the agreed timeframes complying with your QC standards:

  • Small and large scale manufacturing
  • Manufacture of spare parts and components
  • Short cycle repair and overhaul
  • Development of new products and prototyping

KMA is capable of complying with high levels of flexibility in customer requirements, material specifications and delivery schedules.

Products and services

KMA supplies a wide variety of tarpaulins, covers and sheets for numerous purposes, i.e. isolation, protection against weather influences and anti-ballistic purposes. Sizes vary from a few square meters for standard tarps to hundreds of meters in length by several meters wide for covers. Manufacturing may include welding and/or stitching, as required. This category includes the nets, straps and lifting products used in transport and forwarding

Bags and pouches
KMA develops your bag to order in any coated PVC and PU material or proven technical textiles such as Cordura. KMA caters for any quantity of bags, for customized bags and for your one-off. We are more than willing to share our knowledge and experience of technical and industrial materials with you, to design the bag to meet your wishes.

KMA develops and produces a wide range of ballistic products. From bullet-proof-vests and anti-stab vests, other personal protection materials like shields, to bomb-blankets for trucks and 4wheeldrive vehicles used by various armies.

Development, repair and overhaul
KMA provides development services based on extensive experience and unprecedented hands-on knowledge. Additionally KMA is your trusted partner for repair of e.g. tents, ballistic protective covers for vehicles and bulletproof vests.

Some of our appreciated customers

Examples of customers are: Ministry of Defence, various Police departments, fire fighters, offshore companies and ULD manufacturers (air cargo containers).