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KMA Fire Protection

Within the KMA group, KMA Fire Protection is specialized in all matters related to Lithium battery fires. We offer passive protection solutions, such as smoke screens and fireproof bags, but also offer active fire suppression products with our range of Lith-Ex AVD high-performance fire extinguishers.

Lith-Ex AVD Fire Extinguishers

Lith-Ex AVD Fire Extinguishers
Lith-Ex AVD Fire Extinguishers for Lithium Battery Fires

The Lith-Ex agent AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) is a non-toxic agent that provides cooling on the fuel source and forms an oxygen barrier that still allows cooling. This makes AVD by far the most effective extinguishing agent for Lithium battery fires. AVD consists of at least 13 percent vermiculite, which is a natural refractory mineral.  AVD is not electrically conductive, is inert and environmentally friendly. The Lith-Ex AVD extinguishers are available in 1, 2, 6 and 9 liters. To order online, please click here.

Fire Safety Solutions for Lithium batteries

We have developed a wide range of unique active and passive fire protection solutions, including products that are specifically designed for safe handling, shipping and storing Lithium batteries. One example is our battery fire suppression kit.

Battery fire suppression kit
Battery Fire Suppression Kit

The kit consists of a 2 liter Lith-Ex AVD fire extinguisher, fireproof gloves and a fire containment bag. The kit has been developed for safely and effectively tackling battery fires in confined spaces such as aircraft, vehicles and subway trains. In case of a battery fire, it allows you to quickly extinguish the fire with the AVD extinguisher, then put on the gloves and safely dispose of the device in the fireproof bag. The bag is extensively tested with 400Wh fully charged batteries in thermal runaway. The design allows for easy transport or storage of the kit.

Fire suppression kit folded

For more examples and information, please visit our fire protection website here