We were commissioned by a national supermarket chain to come up with a solution to improve fire safety in their distribution center. This involved the temporary storage of flammable products such as lighter fluid and hairspray. In addition to optimal fire safety, the solution had to fit within the logistical process and avoid major modifications to the building. 

KMA developed a fire-resistant roll container cover for the customer that is hard-wearing and lightweight. The cover can be quickly and easily placed over a roll container and no modifications to the building are required. The biggest challenge was finding the right material that could be used intensively and that could withstand very high temperatures. This combination already eliminated all the regular fire resistant fabric. This consists of glass or silica fibers that break during intensive use and cause the fabric to tear. Together with its production partner, KMA has developed a special fabric without glass or silica fibers that is fire-resistant and very durable. This means that the roll container cover meets all the conditions and that fire safety is guaranteed for many years.