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High-strength Durable Fireproof fabric

KMA Group develops and manufactures bespoke textiles and fireproof solutions, from single prototypes to large-scale production in an ISO-certified organization. 

KMA Group has developed a new and unique fireproof fabric called E-Powershield. This high-tech fabric resolves the performance conflicts between strength and fire resistance associated with traditional fabrics. E-Powershield has both in abundance.

The E-Powershield fabric has passed the FAR25.855 oil burner test and was extensively tested in the toughest conditions.

Fire Containment Bag E-Powershield Fabric

E-Powershield is:
– Extremely strong and abrasion-resistant
– High resistance durability to extreme temperatures
– UV and weatherproofed
– Oil and chemical resistant
– Environmentally friendly and safe to handle

E-Powershield does not contain glass or silica particles!

Please contact one of our specialists for free to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation, naturally without any obligations. Datasheets and certificates are available upon request. 

Phone: +31 515 331 344