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KMA is a manufacturer of a wide variety of covers, ranging from thermo covers for roll containers, to fireproof covers for storing batteries. Our specialized production ensures that we can meet the highest quality standards for protecting your goods, keeping them at the right temperatures or prevent (battery) fires from spreading.

All product development and quality control is coordinated from our headquarters in Heerenveen, where we also do prototyping and series production up to medium volume. For larger production volumes, we work closely with our certified partners in Romania and the Far East. So if you are looking for a specific, one-off cover, or looking for having 10.000 container covers made according to your wishes, KMA is your production partner.

Here are some examples of covers we have developed and manufactured:

  • Fire Containment Covers for air cargo containers (ULDs)
  • Insulation covers (thermo covers) for roll containers. Keep your perishable goods at the right temperature
  • Lithium battery covers. Prevent thermal incidents from spreading
  • Container cart doors.
  • Rain and dust covers for transporting medical equipment
  • Military spec Power Generator Covers