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The battery fire suppression kit has been developed for safe and swift response with battery incidents in confined spaces, such as airplanes, helicopters, underground transport and vessels.

Battery fire suppression kit

The suppression kit consists of a fireproof bag which contains a 2-liter Lith-Ex fire extinguisher and high-temperature resistant gloves. In case of a thermal incident, use the extinguisher to put out the fire and cool the device. Use the gloves to safely place the extinguished device in the bag and close the bag.

The bag is designed to safely contain a thermal runaway with a 320Wh battery at a 100 percent state of charge. This is twice the maximum power of a battery you are allowed to take with you on an aircraft (160Wh, 2 per person after permission). Normally only extinguished devices will be placed inside the bag, but in emergencies, unexpected events happen so the bag is constructed to cope with an absolutely worst-case scenario.

All parts of the suppression kit have been tested extensively with new fully charged batteries, with both 18650s and pouch cell batteries. When pouch cell batteries go into thermal runaway, the result is an explosive reaction with large amounts of gases released, up to 0,7 liters per Wh. For a 320Wh battery pack this means the release of at least 200 liters of gases in a very short time.